Key Stakeholders look forward to the 2022 Sanitation & Water for All-Global Platform particularly.

The Society for Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN)
11th May, 2022

As Key Stakeholders look forward to re-uniting again at the 2022 Sanitation and Water for All-(SWA) Global Platform particularly, (2022 Sector Ministers Meeting-(SMM)), at this time when the whole world at the just concluded COP 26 has seen WASH as been part of the solution to the global Climate Change crises. According to UNICEF, 74% OF Natural Disasters were water related including droughts and floods which have the ability of impacting the water availability and contaminating existing water supplies. Also water and sanitation offer resilient opportunities for addressing climate. It became clear that WASH is indispensable piece of the ‘’complicated jigsaw” (According to Catarina de Albuquerque) Meaning to say that Water, Sanitation and Hygiene is the solution to the issues of climate change.

As SWA 2022 Sector Ministers Meeting-(SMM)-with theme – “Building Forward Better for Recovery and Resilience”, draws near and as WASH takes the center stage for Health, Finance and Climate Change coupled with(Society for Water and Sanitation “NEWSAN” Nigeria ) call to Priorities WASH as Human Right it becomes very necessary that all Stakeholders at both Global, National and local levels share the same sentiments and recognizing the value and important place of WASH towards the development of the other sectors and achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs)

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